The Core Fundamentals, an online course and interactive eBook!


Imagine if there was one thing you could do to make you feel better, look better and even breathe more easily!   So many current exercise programs introduce you to proper posture, but they lack any real application to help you exercise the right way.  And we all know that if you exercise with poor posture, even a great workout will reinforce habits that cause back pain, fatigue and poor performance.  

Today, you can get access to a very doable training method that teaches you exactly how to support your neck and back with your core.  As a physical therapist, I found that the #1 key to rehab success was improved posture, and that's why I want to pass on to you what I've been teaching my patients for years.   After 15 years of development from my knowledge and experiences as a physical therapist and athlete, I'm thrilled to share The Core Fundamentals with you.

The best part of The Core Fundamentals is the the way it teaches you to use your core for better posture all throughout the day, not just when you exercise.  Your movement skills will keep on developing as you follow the training modules in the book and their companion instructional videos.   

Sign up right now and you'll get:

1)  An online course with 5 step-by-step training videos and a bonus workout video!

These engaging video lessons will train you to develop safe, efficient body movement.   Starting from the seated position and working your way through standing posture, strengthening and mobility exercise, you'll learn step by step how to engage your core muscles for good body alignment in any position.  At the end you'll have a chance to test your movement skills and build your strength with the Level 1 workout from my book, Progressive Core Strengthening.   

2)  An interactive eBook, covering the entire course, with easy to follow photos and illustrations.

The Core Fundamentals will show you how to reprogram your core muscles so you can control movements more effectively between your hips, midsection and upper body. Your eBook serves as your guide to the course.  It includes instructions for every exercise, along with photos and illustrations.  It even has an anatomy chapter to help you visualize your working muscle groups.   For your convenience, you can click on chapters like a phone app to more easily navigate your book. 

Though The Core Fundamentals was created so anyone can use it to improve their posture and body movement, professional trainers and their clients as well as therapists or doctors and their patients can enhance  their exercise programs with this material.  If you're looking for a doable and effective way to sit, stand and exercise with less stress on your neck and back, then this course is for YOU. 

Training modules from The Core Fundamentals

All content is easily accessible on your phone, tablet or computer.

  • Correct Your Sitting Posture:  Train your core to take stress off your neck and back whenever you need to be seated.
  • Stand Up Effortlessly:   Develop complete control over the sit to stand transition with enhanced core muscle activation.
  • Stand Tall with Your Core:  Look better and feel better when you establish more upright and balanced standing posture.  
  • Perfect Posture for Strengthening:  Exercise safely and with greater strength by applying your core skills to maintain good posture when you exercise. 
  • Relieve Muscle Tension for Improved Mobility:  Learn to stretch with core control so you can target the right muscles and overcome the tension you may feel when you're correcting your posture.
  • Progressive Core Strengthening Level 1 workout video:  Test and train your ability to hold good body alignment against resistance.

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