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Develop your strength, improve your balance and conditioning, and relieve pain so you can get back to the sports and active hobbies you enjoy!   

Get access to numerous instructional videos, assessment tools and illustrated handouts that help you reach your goals.  Senior-centered training sessions already include:

1) Massage and stretching make it easier to walk!  

Everyone knows we need to build up our strength and practice balance exercises to be able get up and walk more easily, but how about our flexibility?  Have you ever started out on a walk and then felt muscle tightness or joint stiffness holding you back? 

When you have more movement available, it gives you better leverage for body movements and makes your muscles more responsive and adaptable to what you want to do.  In this training video, we cover massage and stretching exercises you can practice right at home that improve your mobility from your feet up to your hips.


2) How to build confidence in your balance:

Have you ever started out on a walk and felt uneasy because of leg weakness or unsteadiness?  Do you sometimes wonder whether you’re really safe going on outings or even walking through your home without having something sturdy to hang on to for balance?

This training video will show you how you can build real confidence in your balance, improving week after week, by following a graduating series of exercises that you can practice right at home.  


3) Developing your leg strength, step by step:

If you need to get stronger to be as active as you want to be, this training session will cover how to build up your leg strength, step by step.   You will learn how you can adjust your exercise routine to consistently challenge your muscles without overdoing it.


4) DSPT Balance Workout for Seniors (Level 1)

This workout includes leg strengthening and balance exercises that you can easily adjust to your ability level.  The included illustrated handouts have detailed instructions for the exercises, and the training session begins with a thorough and very doable warm-up routine.


5) DSPT Balance Challenge!

Did you know that the average 75-year-old can get up from a chair 5 times in 10 seconds?   If you’re wondering how much training you may need to have good balance and strength, the DSPT Senior Balance Challenge has researched tests you can use to compare your physical ability with your peers.  Take the challenge, and find out whether your strength and balance meets the safe and healthy standards for your age group.  Testing for walking speed has been added to the DSPT Pro Membership.


6) How to safely progress your walking program

If you want to be able to walk longer distances and reduce your risk of falling, this video will show you how to adjust your daily routine so that you can reach your goals.   Tips and techniques are based on your instructor's 24 years of experience as a physical therapist.  


7) Are you fit enough for your daily life?  (Self-Assessment)

Do you sail through your day like a breeze or do you come home from the grocery dreading that flight of stairs up to your front door?   Rate your physical ability to take care of your household tasks and more strenuous activities with this assessment.  Compare your results to fit and healthy standards for your age group.  Take the test again after regular exercise training and check your progress!


8) Monthly Group Video Conference for Q&A and practicing exercises!

Your Pro Membership instructor is Rob Cowell, PT, creator of whyiexercise.com and Progressive Core Strengthening.  The exercises in your Pro Membership are based on methods Rob has used over the past two decades to help patients and clients build strength and recover from orthopedic injuries and other conditions.   

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