How can you tell if you need to update your workout routines?

"This eBook is the perfect starting point to assess your health and fitness.  After years of careful research, the five tests I included in this guide are easy to perform and very reliable, based on a great deal of scientific evidence." - Rob Cowell, PT

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"I highly recommend these fitness tests for my readers.  Use this guide to track your health risks and keep them as low as possible."

- Rob Cowell, PT, content creator for

  • Find out if your cardio training is good enough to keep you healthy. 
  • See exactly how much you need to improve your fitness to lower your health risk.
  • Set goals and adjust your training for what you truly need to keep yourself fit.
  • Compare your fitness to average levels for peers your age.
  • Determine whether your body weight and measurements are within a healthy range. 

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