The ULTIMATE core workout...for you!

Uncategorized Jun 25, 2018


If you could pick any exercises for your ultimate core workout what would you go with?    What equipment would you need to get everything you want from the workout?  Which moves would be the best for making your core and back stronger and for giving you more of that six pack look?   Would you search for the toughest, craziest core exercises you could possibly work on?  How important are body alignment and safe movement to you?

There’s a reason these aren’t the easiest questions to answer. There was a time when almost all of us had such a strong connection between our brain and our core muscles.   But inactivity and our sitting habits gradually take away that easy movement and beautiful posture we had as children.   And we’ve all seen how, as time goes by, our freedom and safety to move and exercise isn’t the same, at least for most of us.  So what can we do about that? 

We have bad habits built...

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10 life changing lessons in a week of intense stress!

Uncategorized Jun 28, 2017

You know those weeks when life hits hard and won’t let up, when your work and personal responsibilities interfere with each other,  people may have let you down, & things you were counting on fall through on you? 

How do you hang on to your sanity and sense of well being when, over and over, you’re faced with difficult, on-the-fly decisions under pressure?   

 The last time I faced a tough week like that, l noticed how hard it was for me to maintain my energy for work and for anything else I needed to do.  I had to fight hard to get enough sleep, eat well, and keep up with the exercise I need to stay sharp.  I realized what a huge impact stress has on my well being.

 With all these things on my mind, I wanted to research the current thought on dealing with stress.   I found clever techniques, tips about mindset and so forth, but I couldn’t find examples of what people focus on when they’re in the trenches,...

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