Did you know there are leg strengthening exercises you can practice right at home that can help you quite a bit with your balance?  If you want to feel stronger and more confident when you're on your feet, enter your email below, download the illustrations and join us in our balance training program!  


I hope you'll try out our balance program!  I put it together from exercises I've been using for years to help my patients and clients walk more easily.  The workout is designed to strengthen your walking muscles and improve your balance reactions.  Stay tuned after the workout for our Balance Challenge, where you'll be able to compare your strength and balance scores with your peers.  See you there!

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We help health-conscious and high-achieving people eliminate pain, recover from injury and get back to the active lifestyles they enjoy!   DSPT offers online training, one-to-one physical therapy sessions, fitness consulting and personal training sessions.  



Have you ever started getting back in shape only to wind up back at the drawing board over a tweaked muscle or a back problem?  Do you sometimes wonder whether it’s even possible to be active and healthy again, like you used to be, getting back to the sports and activities you enjoy most of all?    Figuring out exactly how to manage and recover from pain and muscle weakness can be daunting to say the least!  The best answer is to partner your effort with the guidance of an expert physical therapist.


Rob Cowell, PT draws from 24 years of experience in physical therapy, fitness and athletics to create cutting-edge treatment programs and exercise programming for his patients and clients.  Rob incorporates current treatment techniques like instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization and cupping with proven exercise methods and hands-on therapies based in osteopathic medicine that have helped his patients for years.   


Great one-to-one care can be a critical piece of the puzzle, but the most successful clients are working on a daily basis, following their program and exercising consistently.  To help make it easier for you keep up with the exercises you need,  Dynamic Symmetry PT also offers a number of online training resources.   Exercise videos, illustrated guides and self-assessment tools from DSPT have already helped a number of others relieve pain and develop their strength.  Currently available programs include exercise for balance, strengthening and core training, with more content in development! 





I dislocated my right shoulder. Not as a result of any trauma, but I neglected some warning signs that I did not understand. In fact, looking back, I can see it was developing over a period of about 2 years. I could not lay flat on the floor in yoga class. I also had difficulty doing pushups. I thought I could push through the symptoms and they would eventually go away. They didn't. I woke up one day in a great deal of pain which turned excruciating as the day progressed. After a visit to my chiropractor I was diagnosed with a dislocated right shoulder. 

The joint was very stubborn and didn't want to stay in place. When considering physical therapy my main focus was on the cost. I procrastinated about 3 months before calling Rob. I wish I had seen him sooner. My experience with him not only relieved my pain but broadened my education about what was happening with the shoulder and how I could prevent it from happening again. I had some poor alignment in the upper back, and I was making compensations with my movement of which I was completely unaware. I feel more connected with and educated about my body now. I'm also taking better care of myself with more informed exercises and a better understanding of my limits.
I have had such a good experience working with Rob that I wish I had known more about the physical therapy process sooner.  I am amazed at how much I have learned about my shoulder, how I use my body, and how everything is interconnected. It's been fascinating. It was almost like getting an interactive user's manual for my body.  I feel so much better now. My posture is better; it no longer hurts to move.  It's been so worth while for me and definitely worth the cost.


Patty H.

Los Angeles, CA


I started having sciatica pain about 5 years ago after trying to move a bed.  The next day I immediately saw my doctor who gave me x-rays and a referral for PT.  After years of seeing a few PTs, I saw no results.  My pilates teacher told me about Rob, and after my 3rd visit with him I started to feel pain relief.  Rob is very thorough and listens to every detail before deciding on a treatment plan, and I never felt as if he was rushing to get through the sessions.  I would refer Rob to any friend or family member, because you will definitely feel results!


Angelica L.

Los Angeles, CA


I've been in several accidents and I was able to get well again thanks to Rob.  He gave me undivided attention and care.  I was very impressed by his assessment of my neck and back and by the exercises he gave me with feedback to make sure I was doing them the right way.  The manual therapy Rob used really helped in my recovery and he made sure I was keeping up with my exercises too!  I have referred people to Rob because I know they will be getting the best quality and service.   


Roseann P.

Los Angeles, CA


Working with Rob has been extremely helpful and informative. I had a traumatic foot injury that caused complications in my lower back and left leg. When I met Rob I was having trouble walking, sitting and simply moving in general. I was also in extreme pain. My situation was complicated and Rob took the time to really listen and assess each of my problem areas. My recovery was slow due to the nature of my issues, but Rob was very patient and provided me with the correct exercises and methods to help move the process along. I always felt confident that things were getting better, even when I had setbacks. During my sessions I also learned some valuable health and wellness techniques that I will continue to use long term. Rob’s years of experience are apparent when he’s working with you, and his attention to detail is unsurpassed. I would absolutely recommend Rob to a friend or family member who was in need of physical therapy. I’m confident that with Rob’s sage advice and thoughtful techniques, anyone in need of PT would benefit greatly from working with him.    


Christine S.

Los Angeles, CA


Nobody plans on a massive stroke, and no one knows how devastating the consequences are unless you live through it.  There is no instant cure.  It takes a dedicated regimen to teach the brain to find new ways to move, and you need real expertise if you are going to get stronger and more mobile.   I saw other therapists since my stroke, but my successes came with Rob.  I truly appreciate how he was always there to keep me going and how he could select the right way forward for my rehabilitation.  Thanks for a job well done!


Lon T.

Santa Monica, CA


Start conquering your back pain today with Rob's “Intro to back and core strengthening”:

Fix common training errors with this guide plus a free instructional video!

Featured Programs

Progressive Core Strengthening, the online course


Progressive Core Strengthening has already helped others relieve pain, restore their strength, and improve their athletic performance, and now the new second edition is enhanced with updated content and workout videos!  

With this course, you'll learn how to activate your core to give your muscles and joints the support they need throughout the day, including when you exercise.  Then you'll take your new movement skills and apply them to a six-level series of workout routines, building all the way up to athletic core strength if you so desire. 


The Core Fundamentals 

 Imagine if there was one training method you could use to make you feel better, look better and even breathe more easily!  Today, you can get access to a very doable series of exercises that teach you exactly how to support your neck and back with your core.  Your new movement skills will also give better body alignment when you exercise.  This course is your short cut to a healthy back and a stronger core.   



Featured Books

Progressive Core Strengthening, 2nd Edition. 

PCS teaches you core strengthening on the mat, foam roll, stability ball and BOSU. The exercises are presented from multiple angles, showing correct and incorrect exercise positions  through photos and illustrations. Modifications help you adjust the exercise right to your ability level and anatomy charts clearly show the muscles being trained.  

Updates to this new edition include a training method to improve flexibility and strength in the muscles around your spine, making it much easier to sit, stand and bend with good alignment. Following this training program will make body movements feel easy and more natural.  If you want to relieve muscular fatigue, stress and tension in your back, build core strength safely, improve your first impressions, and prevent more serious back problems in the future, read this book today!


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